Remote Testing

Iridium has support for running tests in BrowserStack Automate, which provides the ability to test multiple browsers on multiple operating systems.

Setting the testDestination system property to BROWSERSTACK instructs Iridium to run tests against BrowserStack.

You will need to supply a configuration file with the following settings:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <desiredCapabilities enabled="true" group="Chrome,Windows,Desktop">
            <capability name="browser" value="Chrome"/>
            <capability name="browser_version" value="50.0"/>
            <capability name="os" value="Windows"/>
            <capability name="os_version" value="8.1"/>
            <capability name="browserstack.debug" value="true"/>

The <accessToken> element holds the BrowserStack access Token. Note that this value can also be supplied via the browserStackUsername system property.

The <username> element holds the BrowserStack username. Noet that this value can also be supplied via the browserStackAccessToken system property.

The <desiredCapabilities> element defines the capabilities of the browsers that should be opened by BrowserStack.

See this example, which demonstrate opening a simple test.

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