AWS Lambda

Iridium can be run as a AWS Lambda function. This allows you to take advantage of the scale and geographical reach of the AWS cloud while running Iridium tests, which is ideal for load testing.

The following instructions show you how to execute Iridium as a Lambda function.

Function Code

Code entry type

Upload a file from Amazon S3

S3 link URL


Java 8


Environment variables


-DreportsDirectory=/tmp -DuseSuppliedWebdrivers=false -DstartInternalProxy=-browserMob -DsaveReportsInHomeDir=false

These are the common settngs that should be used for all Lambda tests.

Basic settings




5 minutes

Configure test event

The input should be a JSON object with the system property names as keys.

  "testSource": "",
  "testDestination": "PHANTOMJS"

Test Run

A simple test that opens took around 50000 ms and consumed around 250 MB. Your results will vary, but these values are a good starting place for any customisation.

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